About Us

For over 30 years, Hamlet Homes has been building homes in New England. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, Hamelt Homes works hand in hand with customers to make sure every vision becomes reality in their new home. 

Specializing in residential homebuilding and development, Hamlet Homes has built superior neighborhoods in North Central Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.  Working hand in hand with quality suppliers, contractors, and professionals; Hamlet Homes builds communities to take pride in. 

As a skilled homebuilder, Hamlet Homes is able to focus on customer’s needs. From the initial contact with the office to the final closing, Hamlet Homes understands that it is their personal touch that helps them succeed.  

Hamelt Homes Communities

We don’t just build homes; each home we build makes up a larger community. We believe that building an exceptional home will not only benefit those living under that roof, but that it will lead to a stronger more lasting community. Our aim is to create communities that are inherently safe, connected to the surrounding environment, and foster the feel of a welcoming neighborhood.



Team Gabriel

 Lori Gabriel is an agent/broker with Coldwell Banker and is dedicated to helping all Hamlet Homes clients.   Lori and her team have extensive knowledge in not only home buying, but home building.  They will be there to assist throughout the building phase, answering all of your questions and pointing you in the right direction, helping you create your dream home. 

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